PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT OF GUARDS TRAINING CENTER, in accordance with article 18 of the Law of Ukraine "On career and technical education" refers to educational institutions providing vocational education and has the status of a vocational education institution of the first certification level.

The Training Center accepts students in accordance with the State list of professions for the training of skilled workers in vocational schools, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11 September 2007 N 1117, the Ukrainian Classifier of professions 003: 2010 “Classifier of Occupations” and, according to, obtained licenses at the Order of the Ministry for education and science of Ukraine No. 1373-l dated 07/20/2018 for the implementation of activities to provide educational services for the implementation of vocational training or advanced training in the profession "Guard" National Standard of the Career and Technical Education 5169-OK.74.60-2014 of 1-4 categories.


Training Module


Basics of legal knowledge


Basics of industry economics and entrepreneurship


Information sciences technology


Basics of forensic science


Objects security


Occupational safety


Theoretical course on the use of special tools or firearms


The basics of psychological preparation

The curriculum includes students completing both industrial training and on-the-job training program.

Industrial training of students is carried out at training grounds, simulators, directly at specially allocated workplaces in the divisions of the Legion Group of Companies or at the corresponding base of other training customers.

The on-the-job training program of students is carried out directly at workplaces in the Legion Group of Companies or on the basis of other training customers in order to improve the acquired knowledge, skills, and practical skills necessary to achieve the appropriate level of qualification established by state standards, as well as to ensure their social, psychological and professional adaptation in labor collectives.


Admission to training students is carried out during the calendar year by agreement with legal entities and individuals within the licensed volume, in accordance with the Admission Rules and restrictions defined in accordance with Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On Security Activities”:

  1. The security personnel may be capable citizens of Ukraine who have reached 18 years of age, have undergone appropriate training or vocational training, who have entered into an employment contract with the enterprise and have submitted documents, so they:
  • are not registered with health authorities about mental illness, alcoholism or drug addiction;
  • do not have an outstanding or unexpunged criminal record for committing intentional crimes;
  • do not have restrictions established by the court for the performance of their functional duties;
  • do not have health restrictions for the performance of functional duties;
  • registered at the place of residence in the manner prescribed by law.

The Training Center enters into a training agreement with security companies or individuals who wish to undergo training (vocational training) or to upgrade their qualifications in the profession “Security Guard” National Standard of the Career and Technical Education 5169-OK.74.60-2014 in 1-4 grades. Vocational education in the training center is carried out on a full-time basis.

Training time in the profession "Guard"

Training time in the profession of a security guard according to the curriculum for the profession of “Security guard” National Standard of the Career and Technical Education 5169-OK.74.60-2014 is:

1st category guard

126 hours (4 weeks)

2st category guard

106 hours (4 weeks)

3st category guard

138 hours (4 weeks)

4st category guard

118 hours (4 weeks)

It is possible to learn immediately for category 3:

Education at the Training Center is completed by the State Qualification Certification.

A graduate of a training center who has successfully passed the State Qualification Certification is assigned the educational qualification level “skilled worker” in the acquired profession of the appropriate qualification (rank) according to the National Qualifications Framework, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 23, 2011 N1341 and a document is issued on vocational and technical education of the state sample approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – “Assignment certificate (increase) of working qualification”- a security guard at the appropriate level – acting on the territory of Ukraine, which is the main document on professional education for employment at a specified profession.

List of documents for admission to training:

  • An application or letter of application for training from the organization;
  • Passport and its copy;
  • Person identification code and its copy;
  • A document on education and a copy of it (subject to further training, provide "Assignment certificate (increase) of working qualification" of preliminary qualifications);
  • Police certificate of criminal record check and its copy;
  • ADAPCP Clinical Certification Examination and a copy thereof;
  • Medical certificate of mandatory preliminary and periodic psychiatric examinations and its copy;
  • Medical clearance and its copy;
  • Attendee’s (student’s) form;
  • 2 photos “3x4”

Tuition is paid after documents verification and interview.

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