The Legion group of Companies was established in 1995 and is a part of the Federation of Ukraine Security Professionals, the Association of Workers of Professional Security Structures in Odesa Region. The group of companies includes the security units “Legion – Law and Order”, “Legion”, “Delta”, “Cascade”, “Porto-Franco”, “Legion – 3000”, “Legion – Central Security”, “Legion Company”, Legion Publishing House, ForPost has about 500 security guards, most of whom have served in the internal affairs bodies, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces, the Security Service, and the National Guard of Ukraine. The management team of the Group of companies is staffed by officers of the aforementioned security agencies with over 25 years of service experience.

The Legion Group of Companies Director General – Garnik Evgenij Mykolaivich.

Objects of state, private and collective property in Odesa, Kyiv, Chernomorsk, Yuzhny, Belgorod – Dniester, Izmail, Mykolaiv, Kherson and other cities of Odesa Region are under the protection of the Agency.

The Legion Group of Companies Services and Functionality

The security agency operates under the license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in close cooperation with local authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Agency security personnel are trained at a special training center established based on the Legion Group of Companies. The uniform as well as armament of employees are determined at the Customer request. Basically, it is a black uniform with breast and hash marks. Some wear camouflage uniforms or civilian suits.

A security guard armaments:

  • Pneumatic weapon;
  • Shotgun, Flaubert pistol;
  • Gas cylinder Teren -4;
  • Body armor;
  • Fixed wireless station or hand-portable radio;
  • Electric torch.

A permanent monitoring of stationary and movable objects is carried out using the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) equipped with modern telecommunications and satellite observation, as well as other types of remote control equipment. The Agency employees are at the monitoring station around the clock. In the event of an emergency signal, the Rapid action team (RAT) armed and equipped with special equipment immediately leaves the facility. (Arrival time is up to 5 minutes).

With the help of the latest technologies, GSM monitoring, GPS positioning of real estate, vehicles, cargo and individuals, freights and GSM protection of VIPs using wearable equipment are put into practice.

Along these lines, there is experience working with various companies for many years. According to the contract, physical security is provided for office premises, server, service centers, shops.

With the help of the rapid action team, satellite observation provides technical security for offices, warehouses, real estate, cars, people and animals.

The company is a part of the public formation for the protection of public order and the state border under the name Legion Special Forces, and constantly provides assistance and assistance to the National Police in Odesa region in matters of maintaining public order. Employees of the Legion Group of Companies are on repeated occasions encouraged and rewarded from the authorities and law enforcement agencies.

The agency provides services for the organization of physical protection of citizens from among civil servants, businessmen, representatives of show business, as well as members of their families. The company has considerable experience in ensuring public order during mass events (concerts, sporting events, conventions of political parties, rallies, city days, Jumorinas (festivals of humor and satire), etc.).

At the request of the Customer, the Agency carries out installation, commissioning, operation, and repair of burglar alarms, as well as video surveillance equipment with a subsequent connection to the Central Security Control Panel. Equips checkpoints for objects with metal detectors, X-ray cameras, etc.

To enhance the protection of objects, security and detective agency practices the use of service dogs. Dogs are trained and trained in a special kennel for service dogs. The main dog breeds that are used by the Agency for protective functions are the Caucasian and German Shepherds.

The agency offers representatives of law enforcement agencies, commercial entities, banks and individuals to conduct a staff study using a polygraph (lie detector). The main purpose of such studies is to obtain information (the degree of reliability reaches 95%) about the trustworthiness and loyalty of employees, the identification of criminal or unseemly intentions of the staff, the presence of drug or alcohol addiction, as well as the identification of official abuses by employees or their families.

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Want to get a consultation?