The LEGION Group of Companies, on the basis of the relevant licenses, offers a full range of services for ensuring the fire safety of facilities, which includes:

  • fire alarm systems development and fire extinguishing and smoke removal;
  • the fire alarm project expert assessment;
  • installation of systems in strict accordance with the design documentation;
  • delivery of systems with the signing of the acceptance certificate;
  • the systems put into operation, maintenance and repair.

Fires cause tremendous material damage and in some cases are accompanied by loss of life. Therefore, fire protection is an important responsibility for everyone.


Types of Fire Alarm


500 UAH/month and more

This is an equipment system that is not connected to the central console, i.e. when the detector is triggered, only the inhouse system is triggered (as a rule, sound, and light), and persons on that territories can independently call the Emergency Control Ministry (fire service), or eliminate the fire. Such systems have become widespread in private ownership, and are installed at facilities that are not subject to mandatory automatic fire alarm equipment (cottages, apartments, villas, etc.). Given the scope of the autonomous fire alarm systems, the process of their installation is not regulated, since all responsibility for the installation and operation of the system is entirely on the homeowner.


500 UAH/month and more

At present, the address-analog fire alarm systems are considered to be the most technically advanced. Often the term "analog" is used. Addressable fire alarm systems do not use detectors similar in type of operation with non-address systems. Addressable fire alarm systems have an additional node that translates the signals transmitted by the control panel into a digital code containing information about:
  • specific detector;
  • place of installation;
  • condition, etc.
In addition to the above, the information is received at the control panel, not after the fire detector is triggered, but as a result of a survey conducted by the control panel with a certain frequency. This method allows not only to localize the place of fire with high accuracy but also to reduce the reaction time to the occurrence of a fire source.


500 UAH/month and more

A fire alarm, as a rule, consists of a sufficiently large number of different components (fire detectors, devices that receive and transmit signals, actuators, etc.), which are interconnected by wires (wired alarm) or by radio (wireless alarm) in a single whole. Wireless Fire Alarm Benefits:
  • the wireless technology usage eliminates the need for wires;
  • alarm elements can be programmed and tested in advance;
  • installation of wireless devices and devices takes much less time;
  • the installation of such an alarm in industrial premises does not require interruption of the working process;
  • the radio-channel fire alarm can be installed as in rented premises where damage to the walls is not allowed;
  • during operation, wireless systems are more reliable, because damage to connecting wires is excluded.

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What gives the fire alarms and alerts installation

  • Alerts staff of fire and the need for evacuation
  • Signals to the fire control panel about a fire
  • If necessary, transfers the life-support systems of the facility to emergency supply
  • Turns off the ventilation system and includes smoke exhaust equipment
  • In multi-story buildings with elevators, it automatically lowers them to the first level of the building and blocks
  • Launches fire extinguishing means (water, gas, powder, aerosol)

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Services And Work of Fire-Safe Purpose Licensing are performed by the Legion Group of Companies according to the issued licenses:

  • 1. Installation, operational compliance maintenance of fire extinguishing systems (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol)
  • 2. Installation, operational compliance maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire alerts and evacuation management, the transmission of alarm notifications
  • 3. Installation, operational compliance maintenance of smoke protection systems
  • 4. Monitoring fire protection systems
  • 5. Evaluation (inspection) of the fire condition of newly created enterprises and real estate (buildings, premises or parts thereof)

Other Services

from 200 UAH per month
from 15 000 UAH per month
from 300 UAH per month
from 500 UAH per month
from 3 500 UAH per month

Company Features and Capabilities

The organization of object protection can be either technical (using electronic means) or physical (carried out by specially trained persons). For this, specialists belonging to various security structures are attracted. This may be employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, private security companies, as well as extra-departmental guards. They are the key link in an integrated protection system.

The purpose of protecting facilities depends on many factors. This is their category of access, location, quantity and value of resources to be protected, available forces, weapons and means of security, interest in gaining access to criminal elements, and much more. What is more, the cost of protecting an object is related to the area of its territory, the volume of material and information values.

Our security systems in close cooperation with specially trained employees allow us to provide reliable protection for almost any object. That is why our company is engaged in the protection of any complexity objects.

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