Highly efficient new-generation devices and a wide range of specialized equipment allow us to organize effective CCTV monitoring of objects of various sizes today. Owners of the facility will be able to respond promptly to any offenses and dangerous situations.

Elderly relatives, children or staff, the situation inside the building and in the surrounding area will be constantly in their field of vision. As a result, the risks of invading the house are reduced, the chance to help your loved ones in time, to protect your family from anxiety and fear, is increased.


Basic CCTV monitoring Kits

EQUIPMENT TYPE: Wired equipment Wireless equipment

Wired CCTV monitoring Kit


  • P-DVR 4 channel video 
  • Video recording – 8MP/6MP/5MP/ 4MP/ 3MP/ 1080p/960p/720p/D1/2CIF/CIF;
  • Incoming stream: 40 Mb / s; Outgoing stream 64 Mb / s ;
  • Compression encoding Ultra H.265, Н265, H264 ; 
  • Video display : 8MP/6MP/5MP/ 4MP/ 3MP/ 1080p/ 960p/ 720p/D1/2CIF/CIF ( 1 x 4K@30 к.с., 3 x 4MP@20 к.с., 4 x 1080p@25 к.с., 8 x 720p@25 к.с., 16 x D1);
  • SMART ; HPoE – 4; 1 HDD – 8 TB ; RJ-45 ;
  • HDMI – 1 ; VGA – 1; USB – 2; RCA In – 1 ; RCA Out – 1 ;
  • DC 48В ; Working temperature -10º + 55ºС ; 45 × 205 × 205 мм ;
  • Cameras 2 megapixels.

Cost of equipment

Kit price from:
6500 UAH

Video monitoring:
from 200 UAH / month

Wireless CCTV monitoring Kit


  • Wireless Wi-Fi IP DVR 4 channels;
  • WiFi – 2.4GHz (IEEE 802.11b/g/n); 150Mbps;
  • Range of action – 160m (in direct visibil;
  • Video RecordingVideo Recording – 1080p/960p/720p/D1/2CIF/CIF;
  • Incoming / outgoing stream: 40/40 Mb / s;
  • Compression: Ultra H.265, Н265, H264 ;
  • Video display: 4 x 1080P@20, 4 x 720P@30;
  • HDD – 8 TB (not included); RJ-45; HDMI/VGA – 1;
  • USB – 2; RCA In/Out – 1/1;
  • DC 12V; -10º + 55ºС; 205×228×47 мм; 590 г.
  • Camera – WiFi 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz (IEEE802.11b/g/n); 2.0 mp(20 k/s);
  • Ultra H.264; H.265; H.264; 2.8 mm, color – 0.01 Lux; 2D/3D DNR;
  • WDR, HLC, BLC, MicroSD до 128 Gb, ANR, -30°C~+60°C; IP67HDD not included.

Cost of equipment

Kit price from:
8000 UAH

Video monitoring:
from 300 UAH / month

The Legion guarantees

  • Great experience (25 years) in the integrated security systems development. We know what they do not write in reference books and other books;
  • A wide range of offers - we will find solutions for a small apartment and large industrial facilities;
  • Balanced pricing policy. The customer receives exactly the equipment that is necessary to solve his problems;
  • Ability to integrate with burglar alarms. This is an important element in building the facility system construction;

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Other Services

from 200 UAH per month
from 15 000 UAH per month
from 300 UAH per month
from 500 UAH per month
from 3 500 UAH per month


  • Monitor events in the house using sound and motion sensors
  • View your current online shooting and video archives in place or at a distance
  • Use modern smartphones and computer programs for monitoring. Video alarm can send an operational signal and a current report to any attached phone, regardless of the location of the owners
  • Have closed portals and the most secure communication options
  • Include CCTV in the overall control and management system at home
  • Supplement and upgrade a previously installed set of equipment.

The main thing is that all the security and CCTV systems were selected and installed by professional specialists, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the features of the facility. The Legion Company offers a full range of works on the selection of equipment and its turnkey installation.

Order of Work:

  • Preparatory stage. Before installing CCTV systems, experts visit the object, study its location and design features of the buildings.
  • Preparation of technical specifications. At this stage, the preferences of the client, the operating conditions of the object and the mode of life in the house are analyzed.
  • Development Stage. An arrangement of equipment is individually selected for any object, a plan for laying networks and communications is drawn up, and management and control options are selected.
  • Installation (assembling) work. Burglar alarms and CCTV systems are installed using only high-quality, certified materials and devices under technological recommendations and standards.
  • The Customer and all responsible user’s instruction.

You can place an order for the entire list of services, find out prices for CCTV systems and get any specialized advice from Legion specialists at any convenient time. All work will be carried out clearly on time with a guarantee of quality and confidentiality.

Visiting the object for the first time is FREE!

  • Our company installs turnkey CCTV systems of any complexity.
  • We use analog, digital and IP cameras.
  • Video signal output to the security panel, monitor, mobile phone.
  • Ability to view videos anywhere in the world. The ability to organize online access at any facility.
  • We carry out maintenance, modernization, and repair of existing systems.
  • We integrate CCTV systems with burglar alarms.
  • According to statistics, more than 70% of attackers abandon their intentions if a video surveillance system is installed at the facility.
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